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Some eye opening truth about Chinese apps

There are few things everyone should know about Chinese app to understand that uninstalling Chinese apps is much more than just #Boycott China. It is about waking Up from slumber sleep. It’s important for every individual to understand that decisions of installing and using apps from play store has to be more careful.

Chinese apps are Spywares?

Chinese apps are reported for containing malicious spyware and malwares. Is it true?! According to experts, many Chinese apps are found containing malicious spyware and malware affecting user’s privacy.Even Google Play store kicked many of them out several times. Well known UC browser, UC news, Clean master, Beauty Plus and Cam Scanner are one of them. Although they revised their name and software to make their come back in Play store again.  Invading customer’s privacy and sharing their information for profit is not something very appreciated in this era of technology. All of the major confidential information from Online payment details to confidential documents are there in our devices. Risking these valuable information in hands of malicious spyware and malware agents i.e Chinese Apps , is not a wise move.

Poor Privacy & Security

Poor privacy and cyber security maintenance is well known to the whole world. Major countries including India, America, Russia and Sri Lanka releases Public notice on yraly basis along with the list of Chinese apps to uninstall them from their devices for Privacy security reasons.

Our private information In Hands of China Government

Chinese apps holds the policy , which bounds them to share their customer’s information to the govt of China. This reason is enough to reconsider using them anymore. Chinese Video calling apps are found routing the calls in such a way that they are directed through china traffic even for non-Chinese numbers. This raises a suspicion to the next level.

Any wise man would know what to do next. Yes!, you got it right. Search those Spyware agents (Chinese apps) in your phone and remove them for good. After uninstalling these apps, Factory Reset is recommended to properly sanitize your device. Factory reset will delete all the configuration files and data of those Chinese app.(Note: Please backup your data before factory reset, because it will wipe your device complete clean)

Remove China App was an Indian app that was designed to search out chinese apps and uninstall them for good. But sad part is Play Store removed it right after it gained popularity. So this left us with no choice but search and uninstall them manually one by one.

List Of Chinese Apps

Here is the list of all Chinese Apps. Go through them one by one and find out if you have any of them in your device.

1) TikTok

TikTok is a Chinese video sharing social networking app owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based internet technology company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos.

2) Zoom

Zoom is a Chinese video conferencing app owned by Chinese-American CEO, Eric Yuan. Though he claims that he got his American citizenship but that does’t changes the fact that Zoom is under Chinese policy and all it’s working SOP is as per China’s protocols. Many countries’ government and Business Firms banned it’s use stating it’s vulnerable to cyber threat.

3) Vault-Hide
vault hide
4) Vigo Video

Vigo video is a Chinese short clip video sharing app similar to tiktok. They even shre same owner company i.e Beijing based Chinese internet technology company – Bytedance. It is used to create short fun music videos and showcasing talents.

5) Bigo Live

Bigo live is a very popular Chinese live streaming app. It enables user to go on live and share live moments with their followers.

bigo live
6) Weibo

Weibo is a a very popular Chinese micro-blogging app with 445 million monthly active users. It’s designer template features for small content makes it convenient for user to share and read pieces of information.  It’s popular in china and now is available in English for it’s international expansion.

7) WeChat

WeChat is a Chinese social media app with millions of active users internationally. It’s very popular in China as well in other countries including India.

8) SHAREit

Shareit is a Chinese app and offers offline speed wireless file transfer medium. This is very very popular means of files and app transfer between smartphones.

9) UC News

UC news is a Chinese app under Chinese based organisation, Alibaba business group. It serves as a content provider and news curator. UC News handles and delivers content through the concept of big-data with the help of three big data clusters that they have set-up in India currently.

10) UC Browser

UC browser is a Chinese search engine app under Alibaba business group. This app has history of containing malware and spyware. It was kicked out of play store for about a year. It has been reported for data theft several times. Doesn’t this sounds good enough to uninstall it already!

UC browser
11) BeautyPlus

Beauty Plus is a Chinese selfie camera and video editing app. It serves about 300 million active users around the globe.

Beauty Plus - chinese App
12) Xender

Xender is also a Chinese wireless file transfer app for android devices just like Shareit. It is a strong competitor of shareit and is widely used in all over the world for fast wireless file transfer.

13) ClubFactory

Club factory is a Chinese eCommerce site, mainly offers fashion and lifestyle products online. Customers claims Club factory provides poor quality products and is reported for fake branding of duplicate products.

14) Helo

Helo is a Chinese Social network platform. This app enables users to share short video clips and pictures with their followers. It is similar to tiktok and is pretty popular in India.


15) WPS Office

16) Kwai



19) NewsDog

20) Photo Wonder

21) APUS Browser

22) VivaVideo- QU Video Inc

23) Perfect Corp

24) CM Browser

25) Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab)

26) Mi Community

27) DU recorder

28) YouCam Makeup

29) Mi Store

30) 360 Security

31) DU Battery Saver

32) DU Browser

33) DU Cleaner

34) DU Privacy

35) Clean Master – Cheetah

36) CacheClear DU apps studio

37) Baidu Translate

38) Baidu Map

39) Wonder Camera

40) ES File Explorer

41) QQ International

42) QQ Launcher

43) QQ Security Centre

44) QQ Player

45) QQ Music

46) QQ Mail

47) QQ NewsFeed

48) WeSync

49) SelfieCity

50) Clash of Kings

51) Mail Master

52) Mi Video call-Xiaomi

53) Parallel Space

54) Webnovel

55) PUBG

56) Clash of Kings

57) AlibabaExpress

58)Call of Duty mobile



Many apps have recently updated their ownership agreements due to rising tensions between China and India. This list contains latest updated information.

So, this is the list of Chinese apps needed to be uninstalled (and should never be installed ever again). Saying this is easy but following this can be difficult if don’t have best alternatives for these Chinese Apps. For Best Alternatives of these Chinese apps Check out my Post Chinese Apps Alternative. Any query?! don’t hesitate to comment below.

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